What is an ISAP?  

ISAP stands for Individualized Strategic Achievement Plan. This is what we develop after we have met with you and your child to analyze your specific needs and goals. This plan is built to focus on the skills that will accelerate your child's success in academics. 

Individualized – Specifically made for the selected student based on evaluation 

Strategic – Fundamentally chosen techniques and resources that apply to student’s needs

Achievement – Realistically focused on student’s accomplishments and skills 

Plan – Agenda given to parents, student and tutor for maximum success 


Our S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • Provide tools to accommodate students own learning styles and strength

  • Promote student’s independence in learning

  • Practice organizing and prioritizing studies

  • Praise student’s continuous success and achievement

  • Promote self-discovery to improve self-image


How Our Goals are Determined: 

S.    Is the Goal Specific?

M. Is the Goal Measurable?

A.   Is the Goal Achievable? 

R.   Is the Goal Realistic?

T.   Is the Goal Time bound


Common Core Standard Guidelines 

At LP Tutors, we know and implement the Illinois Common Core Standards. Our ISAP corresponds with the core standards’ goals to challenge and prepare students for a successful education.